Welcome to the first media token solidary system

About the Shefo token

Shefo is a descentralized token created to build a community system.

This particular community system has the ability to bring Shefo tokens between users in order to replace the existings like, recommend or pointing system.

Every user will have their own Shefo tokens in every forum, blog or page that support Shefo (also in the Shefo Portal when gets live).

The utility of the Shefo token is to create a system that make all users donating a portion of tokens to each others, and get donations from other people.

Shefo token specs

Token Name Shefo
Token Ticker SFX
Token Type ERC20
Token Supply 60,000,000,000
Tokens For Crowdsale 40,000,000,000
Pre-ICO Max Sale 10,000,000,000
Pre-ICO Sale End 8 June 2018
ICO Sale End 13 July 2018

Token distribution

ICO Details

Pre-ICO tokens will be available until May 14, 2018. The maximum tokens for buy in this stage are 10,000,000,000

ICO starts after Pre-ICO, starting on Stage 1. The total amount for this stage will be 20,000,000,000 plus the remain tokens not buyed from Pre-ICO.

When we reach the Stage 1 token amount for sell, automatically the stage will be changed to 2.

Also the Stage can change again to 3 if the 5,000,000,000 tokens for the Stage 2 are sold.

Regardless any Stage, the ICO will finish on July 13, 2018.

Pre-ICO Price 1 ETH = 25,000,000 SFX MAX 10,000,000,000 Tokens
ICO Stage 1 Price 1 ETH = 22,250,000 SFX First 20,000,000,000 + Pre-ICO Remnants
ICO Stage 2 Price 1 ETH = 20,000,000 SFX 5,000,000,000 Tokens After Stage 1 Ends
ICO Stage 3 Price 1 ETH = 17,500,000 SFX 5,000,000,000 Tokens After Stage 2 Ends

Proyect Roadmap

Shefo Portal

Shefo Portal will be launched at the end of 2018. Is a media community created in order to mainly support the Shefo Token as a "point" system for users.

Also in the portal is intended to sell & buy Shefo by fiat money (USD, EUR, KRW, etc).

The portal will work like a blog community, where the users can write article, share, donate tokens with the point system, get a higher rank depends on donations gived and received, and many more.

Many info and mockups comming soon!.

Our Partners

Proyect FAQ

1- How can I buy Shefo?

You can buy Shefo by paying with a cryptocurrency. The recommended way is to paying with ETH directly on the contract addres located in the buy modal. You also can pay with any of the top 10 coins, but according at the moment conversion of PAIR/ETH.

2- Where can will trade Shefo?

You can buy Shefo when the token gets listed on an exchange. Our first exchange mostly gona be HitBTC, but our plans for the future is to get into the best volume exchanges like Binance, Okex, Bithumb.

3- Whats happen if the ICO don't pass the Stage 1?

Nothing will happen. Our plans and roadmap are solid and we have no intention to interrupt any execution items planned in the roadmap.

4- The token will always live in the Ethereum blockchain?

We have plans for the future (after release our wallet) to start the migration into a new blockchain. But this is far from the first part of 2019 so you need to wait until the prioritary items to be completed to start working in a release of the new blockchain.

5- Can I ask for a refund?

We accept refunds only for the 50% of the total paid for the tokens.

6- When I receive my tokens?

At the moment you pay with ETH, because the tokens are not mintable, so the transaction is automatically done with the contract. In the case that you paid without Ethereum, you will credited in the next hours when the team transfer the tokens into your account.

7- How can I contact you?

Mail to support@shefotoken.net.

Bounty Program

We glad to announce our first bounty program for you

The pool in prizes is of 500,000,000 SFX

The task for this bounty program is divided in four items:

1- Follow us on twitter http://twitter.com/ShefoToken and send us your user.
2- Promote at least on Facebook, Reddit, or any other social page and send us the link of the post (More chances to win if post in many pages).
3- Comment on BitcoinTalk post https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3748169 and send us your user.
4- (Optional) Send an image that proves you buy at least 0.1ETH in Shefo.

You need to send the info to our bounty email bounty@shefotoken.net in order to participate

The competition start on May 17 and ends on June 24. The winners will be announced on July 1 and tokens will be issued when the ICO finish.

We will make two lists of winners, and we'll chose the winners related to the posts in the item 2-

First for the ones that buy at least 0.1 ETH of SFX (350,000,000 SFX)
1) 100,000,000 SFX
2) 75,000,000 SFX
3) 60,000,000 SFX
4) 40,000,000 SFX
5) 25,000,000 SFX
6 to 10) 10,000,000 SFX

And then for people that didn't buy SFX (125,000,000 SFX)
1) 30,000,000 SFX
2) 25,000,000 SFX
3) 20,000,000 SFX
4) 15,000,000 SFX
5) 10,000,000 SFX
6 to 10) 5,000,000 SFX

Have a nice bounty!